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My Kawaii Princess' Story

Our Princess` name is Azumi Mandani Takeshita, born on October 8, 2008, at exactly 7:31 in the evening, Tokyo Time, in Kaku Maternity Clinic. 

Her Christian Name is Angela Azumi. Why Angela? Her dad loves that name. He would talk about our "Angela" everytime (well not exactly everytime, most of the time --mushy tume) when we were still dating... 

Giving birth to our princess was the most unforgettable and memorable moment of our lives
. I had 22-23 hours of labor and I could I honestly say that during those times, I felt like I was dying and promised myself not to have another child again. I almost ask everyone to let me give birth by  Caesarian coz to not prolong the pain, thank God I didn't. Well, that was just a thought of the moment...

But you know, as soon as I saw our lil angel, those pains had turned out to be the sweetest pains of my life. I regretted what I said earlier... I would definitely want another child, well atleast two more lovely kids.

Some Facts about The Little Kawaii Princess

Her mom, the author of this blog, moved to Japan after she graduated in College (2003) to grab the opportunity of having a wonderful career and live with her mom and loveones at the same time. There she met the man that she never thought would change her life so soon on 2005. Languange barrier and cultural differences has never become an issue. They got married civilly on 2007, lived happily and the following year --well the greatest blessing came and gave more meaning to their lives.. (cheezy...)

creambunny_love.gif image by bams704 Azumi has a lot of nicknames.. Anzu, A-Chan, Anz, Lala, Pekpek CHan, Anzu, lil girl, dolly Anz, AZ, hmm and a lot more in the future. Her Mom just loves giving her names --oh nicknames..

creambunny_star.gif image by bams704 She's a half Filipino and Japanese. Her mom is from the land of beautiful girls Philippines lol... and her goodlooking Dad is a Japanese, grew up in the fast paced city of Tokyo.
creambunny_love.gif image by bams704 The first Grandchild. She has a huge number of relatives in her Mom's side. ANd they are all waiting to see her, hopefully this year (2010)
creambunny_star.gif image by bams704 SHe's the apple of everyone's eye.. Even her grandma's (mom's side) inlaws loves her so much even if they're not related by blood.
creambunny_love.gif image by bams704 daddy's lil princess
creambunny_star.gif image by bams704 mommy's princess
creambunny_love.gif image by bams704 Lucky Baby Girl

*more updates soon* -edited 2/13/2010 

Azumi's Links:

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